Dr. Michael McGee

“Dr. McGee saved my life and made me have purpose again. I abused substances to deal with my life problems and slipped into a life I was not proud of. Dr. McGee gave me back my life. I will be forever grateful for his wisdom and caring.”

- Patient

Dr. McGee’s approach to recovery is not just recovery through treatment; it’s recovery through integrated care for the mind, body and spirit.

Michael McGee, MD, believes that every person deserves psychiatric and behavioral healthcare with a human connection, clinical expertise, spiritual support, and private, personal, compassionate delivery, no matter where you are.

That’s why he launched WellMind with Dr. McGee, a practice that embodies each of these elements to help guide you on your journey toward recovery and wellbeing .

The 12 Touchstones of Recovery™ are the cornerstone of the WellMind Method™ and your treatment success.

Dr. McGee graduated from Stanford University in 1979, with a Bachelor’s degree with distinction in Biology. He then graduated in 1985 from Stanford University School of Medicine and completed his residency training in psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. Dr. McGee conveniently treats patients living throughout Massachusetts, California, and New Hampshire through online telehealth applications that securely support computer and smartphone access.

With over 30 years of experience in psychiatry, Dr. McGee’s many years of research and clinical interests have included the integration of spirituality and meditation into psychiatric treatment to create a ‘bio-psycho-social-spiritual’ approach to psychiatric and behavioral care. He has extensive experience in addiction treatment, geriatric psychiatry, medical psychiatry (psychosomatic medicine), and general adult psychiatry. Dr. McGee has presented and is published extensively on the topics of spirituality, addictions and dementia.

On a personal note, Dr. McGee tends to practice what he teaches. He balances his professional life with time with loved ones, reading, writing, spiritual practice, music, exercise, volunteer work, and outdoor activities. He is enthusiastic about nutrition and overall wellness strategies that best support “the whole person.”

Dr. McGee is currently serving as the Chief Medical Officer of The Haven, an addictions treatment facility located near San Luis Obispo in the Central Coast of California.

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