It is ironic that in a society with so much abundance there is so much unhappiness. This is because we confuse pleasure and gratification with happiness. We mistakenly believe that happiness depends on having the right conditions—on having our cravings satisfied.

The truth is that no person, no thing, and no situation will ever make you happy. Things may bring a temporary thrill, but this is either followed by suffering when the thing goes away or boredom. The thrill never lasts.

True happiness cannot be found in the affection or approval of others, in power, success, wealth, fame, possessions, security, or gratification. When we strive for these things out of our discontent, the best we can hope for is temporary relief, not lasting happiness.

The solution is Awareness. Look closely that you might see the truth of things. See your discontent. See your addiction to striving. See your addiction to “more.” See the suffering your striving causes you. See how your discontent, your greed, and your ambition cause restlessness, frustration, and perpetual dissatisfaction.

When you see the suffering of striving, your discontent will turn to a discontent with the pursuit itself. Your insight and clarity will cause striving for happiness to cease.

We should become like children, delighting in everything and nothing for no particular reason. True happiness is uncaused. It is not dependent upon conditions. It arises on its own when we simply practice presence. When we are one with the Now, we can simply savor this precious gift of our experience of Reality. The compulsion for more dies down, and we are content. This simple, sacred moment is abundantly more than enough. Happiness arises out of the stillness of the Now.

Stop, look carefully, and see your addiction to “more” that your awareness might burn away your attachments to needing certain conditions to be happy. Then you will cease your addictive strivings for happiness. You will be gifted with happiness when you stop striving for it.

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