The WellMind Method: healing our hearts together.

Dr. McGee believes basic healing insights should be freely available to everyone.

The 3 As of Awakening video

Are you hopeful that you can learn to love and trust again after a deep heartbreak? The WellMind Method empowers you with the tools and support you need to achieve emotional and spiritual wholeness. We are a supportive community seeking healing for our Love Wounds together. With expert guidance from the acclaimed, board-certified psychiatrist, Dr. Michael McGee, we’re helping each other grow, heal and learn how to live a life of love.

Do you feel lovable and loving?

Loving yourself and others is a skill that you can build with practice—and there’s no better time to start than now. The Love Skills Assessment measures how lovable you feel, how well you love yourself, and how well you love others—all of which are required for a happy life filled with healthy relationships.


“Quite simply, Dr. McGee and his program saved my life.”

— J.S.

“Dr. McGee is a great doctor, and I am lucky to have him in my corner. He encourages me and helps me through any problems that I am having. I am clean and sober and happy!”

— A.D.

“Dr. McGee has amazed us with his ability to accurately diagnose our son when no one had been able to before. He has been responsible for a vast improvement. We are so thankful for his help.”

— D.M.

Thank you Dr. McGee! These Daily Love Lessons are wonderful, timely, and so useful. After a long and hectic work week dealing with several difficult, disrespectful, defensive, and dysfunctional patients, contemplating and processing the wisdom contained in these lessons allows me to release the negative emotions and look at it from a very different perspective. Thank you!


Meet Dr. McGee

Dr. Michael McGee is a board-certified psychiatrist trained to treat addiction, depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder and more.

A graduate of Stanford University School of Medicine, Dr. McGee specializes in integrating spirituality and psychiatric treatment.

He believes everyone deserves mental healthcare with a human connection.

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Books and more

Dr. McGee is the author of multiple award-winning books on the topics of addiction, recovery, spirituality, and more, as well as many online wellness resources.