Your intentions help you heal and grow. Intentions help you create the life you want. Intentions are the foundation of an intentional life, lived on purpose, to achieve your life vision. Intentions give focus and direction to your daily actions. They channel your actions so that you can realize positive changes in your life. Intentions give good direction to your life.

What are intentions?

The best intentions are higher intentions—ones you make to realize your higher purpose and highest good. They are commitments you say out loud to yourself as to what you are going to do this day. They are based on your vision of the life you want to live. Some people start each day visualizing how they are going to live that day and then follow their visualization with a reciting of their intentions for the day. This is a good practice.

You should say your intentions at the start of each day, and then remind yourself of them throughout the day. Good intentions are action statements rooted in love. They are meant to help you realize your Higher Purpose. One example might be, “Today, I will take good care of myself and others .” Another might be, “Today, I will stay sober,” or, “Today, I will practice mindfulness throughout the day,” or, “Today I will eat healthy and go to the gym,” or, “Today, I will be kind to myself and others,” or, “Today, I will be my own ideal parent.”

There are thousands of possible intentions you might say. See my website for more examples. Ask yourself, how is it that you want to heal and grow? Make up a set of perhaps 2-5 intentions that are most relevant to how you need to heal and wish to grow.

You can boost the effectiveness of your intentions by stating them to someone else. This creates accountability. Accountability increases the likelihood that you will act on your intentions.

Change and success require that we skillfully act on our intentions. This requires consistent, daily practice over time. After you set your intentions for the day, go about putting them into action. Be patient and persistent; results may not come overnight. Some intentions require a lifetime of steady practice to be fully realized. Realize your intentions through consistent, patient, persistent, daily practice.

A successful life is a life lived intentionally, on purpose, to achieve your Higher Purpose. Set love-based intentions to realize your higher purpose and your highest good. If you live out your intentions every day, they will promote your healing and growth.

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