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Healing and recovery begin and end with love. Love for life, love for self, and love for others. It is love that heals the wounds that drive addiction and the wounds caused by addiction

Dr. Michael McGee teaches people to successfully learn to stop engaging in the use of addictive substances or behaviors, to heal, repair their lives, and realize their full potential

Hear how, in recovery, self-love comes before relief of distress. Learn why people in active addiction do what feels good regardless of what is right. And why people in recovery don’t addict because their self-love motivates them not to act on self-destructive urges. Then see how self-love helps people in recovery do what’s right—regardless of urges to feel good through addicting.

This is a vision that emboldens people. Vision with passion creates courage, commitment, and determination. With courage, people in recovery can face and overcome fear. With commitment and determination, they can do the difficult and unpleasant. This is what transforms people into winners.

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Hear about the WellMind method: the practice of cultivating love in our lives. And how, through the practice of loving, we heal.

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