Be Well, Do Well

Improving Clinical Outcomes by Optimizing Clinician Vitality and Skill


How Much Love Do You Let Into Your Life?


Love is much more than the romantic feelings we have for a partner, or the unconditional love we have for our parents and children. It's reverence for yourself and others that inspires you to live in a way that benefits yourself and others.

The good news is that loving yourself and others is a skill you can build with practice.

And there's no better time to start than now!

Take the Love Skills Assessment and discover how lovable you feel, how well you love yourself, and how well you love others so you can take the first step to heal your love wounds, address trauma, and live a love-filled life from the heart.

Improve Clinical Outcomes
By Nurturing Clinician Vitality and Skill

Feeling run down, burnt out, and ineffective directly affects your life and the lives of others practicing in your clinic, but it also affects clinical outcomes. Only by pouring from a full cup can you create the kind of practice that enables you to proudly serve your patients, your clinic, and your community.

Rediscover your vitality, explore new ways to approach patient care, and learn how to combat feelings of burnout with a clinical training session from renowned psychiatrist and author Dr. Michael McGee.

He offers a wide range of customizable training sessions on many different topics that are expertly crafted to bring about profound change in the way you approach patient care, and in turn, the way you approach day-to-day life. You’ll experience transformative aha moments and receive effective tips and techniques you can use right away in your own practice.

Heart-Centered Mental Healthcare
From Dr. Michael McGee

As a three-times board certified psychiatrist with over 30 years of experience as the leader in integrating psychiatric treatment with spiritual interventions, Dr. Michael McGee has worked with thousands of patients and clinicians over the course of his illustrious career. Through his experience with addiction-based psychiatry, he has developed a trauma integrated approach to recovery that aims to reach every patient, but more importantly, allows clinicians to serve from a place of wholeness.

He takes a Be Well, Do Well approach to therapy, believing that only when clinicians and patients take the time to care for their own minds and hearts can they take care of the minds and hearts of their patients, family, and friends.

From custom trainings to support clinician vitality and skill to online courses and programs that enable you to harness the power of heart-centered, genuine love in your life, Dr. Michael McGee will guide you on the path to loving well, working well, and being well so you can do well.

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Support the Mastery of Clinical Skills
With Personalized Coaching and Training

True clinical mastery can be found at the boundary between our existing competence and the next step of professional growth. You can take that next step with confidence when you have the right guidance.

Dr. Michael McGee offers personalized coaching and training sessions for managers and their clinicians that focus on developing clinical skills through the use of strategic feedback. By creating a feedback friendly culture, it’s easy to give and receive meaningful, impactful feedback that can have a direct impact on clinician vitality and skill, in addition to improving clinical outcomes.

Take Better Care of Yourself
So You Can Take Better Care of Your Patients

How do we take care of our patients — truly take care of our patients—without losing ourselves in the process?
Caring so deeply for others can come with inevitable costs, including stress and symptoms of burnout, that can be managed when you're armed with the right toolkit.

Dr. Michael McGee’s Be Well, Practice Well podcast focuses on clinician well-being by discussing heart-mind practices that cultivate compassion and equanimity. You’ll discover better ways to seek support, process clinical distress, and make time for a little self-care so you can show up wholeheartedly for your patients.

Cultivate More Love in Your Life
And Transform Your Personal Relationships

Love is a term that we all use, but very few of us truly understand the power that genuine love has to change the way we interact with others and experience life.

With the Creating Great Relationships Through the Practice of Love course, you get to dive deep into the concept of love, uncover your love wounds, and learn heart-minded practices along the way that enable you to experience more compassion, awe, and affection in your everyday life.

Get instant access to over 25 hours of video from Dr. Michael McGee, PDF reference guides you can use to follow along, and daily practice prompts that enable you to experience the profound power of authentic, genuine love in your interactions with friends, family, coworkers, and yourself.

Cultivate More Love in Your Life

Learn How to Give and Receive Love
One Day at a Time

Cultivating more love in your life is a daily practice. With small incremental insights and actions, you can learn how to love yourself and show your love to others, deeply and meaningfully.


Love Lessons Daily is a series of wholehearted, profound messages that are sent to your inbox. Daily love lessons tackle wide-ranging topics like:


  • Cultivating a sense of gratitude and appreciation
  • Accepting your imperfections
  • Judging yourself and others less
  • Leading with love in even the most difficult decisions
  • And much more!

Meaningful Mental Health Resources
To Guide You in Your Professional Life


Every clinician has the potential to grow into a more loving, healed, and empathetic version of themselves, regardless of previous experiences, trauma we may have endured, or the challenges we face in a clinical setting.

No matter where you’re at in your professional journey, Dr. Michael McGee offers multiple mental health resources that can help:

When You Learn How to Be Well
You Can Do Well, Work Well, and Live Well

You don’t have to live your life in a state of burnout, apathy, anxiety, and stress. With help from Dr. Michael McGee, the leading expert on love informed interventions, you can transform the way you see your personal relationships, your professional relationships, and your experience of life itself.