Tools to live a healthier, more loving life

An important part of healing from emotional wounds and recovering from addiction is education. Here is a list of useful materials—many of which can be accessed for free—to aid you on your journey. Some of the topics addressed include addiction and recovery, the importance of self-love, Dr. McGee’s approach to therapy and treatment, and more. Wishing you wellness!


Many people struggle at times with feeling lovable, loving, and being loved. Dr. McGee’s weekly podcast, "How to Love," profiles personal stories of realizing love—the challenges and the successes.

Guest Profiles

Get to know the guests on Dr. McGee’s weekly podcast, “How to Love.”


Dr. McGee is the author of multiple award-winning books on the topics of addiction, recovery, and spirituality.


These free, downloadable ePublications by Dr. McGee delve into addiction and treatment, answering the question “Why can’t I stop?,” explaining the nature of addiction, and offering a path to recovery and joy.