The WellMind Method

The root of pain is past trauma that affects our ability to feel loveable and to love others. More than half of all people have experienced a significant trauma in their lives.

The WellMind Method is designed to help you overcome pain by healing past traumas. It gives you the tools you need to live a healthier, happier life filled with joy!

Michael and Linda

The WellMind Method can be summed up in a simple, three-step practice that is actually not so simple and takes practice—consistent, persistent practice—over a lifetime:

  1. Ask “What is this?” (Attend to what you are experiencing)
  2. Affirm “This is sacred.” (Appreciate the full experience of life)
  3. Ask “What would love do?” (Act with love)

You practice these steps along with meditative and contemplative exercises that develop mindfulness and appreciation.

This practice works.

Extensive research shows that the three steps that make up the WellMind Method help people heal. However, if you have suffered severe trauma or neglect, or have a mental illness, you might need to pair your practice of The WellMind Method with good medical treatment.

The WellMind Method takes time and effort; but if you are committed, you can heal and transform your life for the better!