A journey to recovery: From suffering to joy

“I am clean and sober and happy! Dr. McGee has helped me through the toughest times of my life and I am so grateful.”

- Patient

The WellMind Method

What is the WellMind method? Simply put, the WellMind method is the practice of love.

Healing and recovery begin and ends with love. Love for life, love for self, and love for others. It is love that heals the wounds that drive addiction and the wounds caused by addiction.

We start by cherishing the fact of our existence and existence itself. This is the fundamental spiritual principle underlying healing, recovery and the WellMind method. We recognize the sacredness of existence, including of our own lives. Love naturally springs from this recognition. This is a spiritual act of worshipping Reality. We engage Life with a moment-by-moment reverence for Realty—all of Reality—the good, the bad, and the ugly. Moved by the sacred nature of Reality, including the reality of our lives, we open ourselves to the flow of love through us from beyond us.

Love is the beginning and end of recovery. It is the answer to the question of recovery. If we truly, completely loved ourselves, would we do anything to harm ourselves, including addict? If we cherished ourselves the way we would cherish our own child, would we not do everything possible to protect and nurture ourselves? Would we not do everything we could to help ourselves, including getting help from others?

The WellMind method is thus the practice of cultivating love in our lives. Through the practice of loving, we heal—first ourselves, and then those around us. Ultimately, we heal the world.

Love is so much more than an emotion. It is a practice. It is work. It is a gentle, strong, persistent effort to nurture our vitality and the vitality of others in all aspects of our lives.

The Joy of Recovery

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