“When I first met Dr. McGee, I had hit rock bottom. I was a full-blown opioid addict. I left that first meeting with a feeling that if I listened to Dr. McGee, I had a chance to get my life back. He gave me the tools to do just that through his wisdom, caring, and experience. Quite simply, Dr. McGee and his program saved my life.”

— J.S.

“Dr. McGee is a very patient man. He listens, has empathy, and overall is a great doctor. He's also a no-nonsense doctor, and if you are looking for help there is no better choice. If you choose to adhere to your treatment plan you will only get the best care from this guy. … I'm a better me because of him, and I am so grateful for that.”

— J.G.

“I can honestly say that making that first appointment with him was one of the best decisions I have ever made. My life went from a total disaster to one of stability and contentment. … I would recommend him for anyone who wants to get their life back together.”

— C.P.

“I have learned skills and tactics that brought my life and career to new heights in addition to aiding to my recovery. And, unlike doctors that I have seen in the past, Dr. McGee genuinely cares about me as a person.”

— M.V.

“Dr. McGee is a great doctor, and I am lucky to have him in my corner. He encourages me and helps me through any problems that I am having. I am clean and sober and happy!”

— A.D.

“Dr. McGee has amazed us with his ability to accurately diagnose our son when no one had been able to before. He has been responsible for a vast improvement. We are so thankful for his help.”

— D.M.

“Dr. Michael McGee is an excellent psychiatrist. He has a very calm demeanor, professional, friendly, easy to talk to and provides good advice when called upon to do so. … He helped me through my PTSD limitations, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and other symptoms.”

— K.G.