Clarity Heals

Clarity heals. Insight heals. Seeing the truth of things heals. Awareness heals.

Nature has designed us to want to feel good and not feel bad. When we have clarity on what to do to feel good, we will naturally do that thing. When we have clarity on what makes us feel bad, we will naturally avoid that thing.

When we see clearly that something we are doing is harming us, we naturally stop doing that thing. When we see clearly that some person, place, or situation is harming us, we naturally act to protect ourselves from that harm.

When you see that touching a hot stove burns your finger, you naturally avoid touching hot stoves.

When you see that eating something makes you sick, you stop eating that food.

When you see that being inauthentic to fit in so that people will like you leaves you feeling alienated, you will notice an automatic falling away of your need for people to always like you. You might then notice feeling much more fulfilled when you are with people who appreciate, love, and accept you when you are your authentic you. Your clarity frees you from your attachment to being liked by everyone.

Clarity heals harmful attachments.

If you suffer from addiction, clarity helps you to wake up to the truth of things. You see that compulsive good-now, bad-later behavior harms you in the long run. You see that you have lost control and need help. You see that with the help of others you can recover. You see that managing pain with love is a better way than numbing it with addictive substances or behaviors. You see that the fulfillment of loving is a far better way to live than compulsive self-seeking and self-gratification that leave you isolated, empty, and alone.

In all things, seeing clearly our behavior and the helpful or harmful consequences of our behavior heals. Nature undertakes a natural reprogramming of our minds when we see clearly the harmful nature of our misprogramming. 

Cultivate clarity by looking closely and listening carefully. Seek out and listen carefully to the feedback of others. Look closely at the consequences of your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Have a humble, open mind. Realize we are all to some degree wrong. Cast off defensive self-righteousness. Instead, look for how you might be wrong. Have courage to see the true nature of things, including your pain and your unskillful behaviors.

Part of clarity is getting clear on the help you need from others to heal. WE all need each other to get by.

Attending carefully, nondefensively, courageously, and open-heartedly to this moment cultivates clarity. Look closely both within and without that you might see clearly. When you have clarity, it will trigger a natural healing process, with the help, guidance, and support of wise people who love you.