Fun Heals

Life isn’t just about work and service. We are not created solely to nurture Life. We are also here to savor Life—to enjoy this miraculous gift of existence.

If we are to put others first, we must first love ourselves. We cannot give away joy and abundance if we do not have joy and abundance to give away. Fun enhances joy and abundance.

We must take very good care of ourselves to keep ourselves vital. To stay vital, we need to rejuvenate. To rejuvenate, we need both rest and to have fun.

Fun rejuvenates us, because fun is fun. Fun helps us to enjoy life. Enjoyment creates joy.  This is how fun rejuvenates. Fun creates joy. Joy then sustains us.

Fun enhances our creativity and productivity, even though we play and have fun for fun’s sake alone. Highly creative and productive people often spend several hours every day having fun. Fun fuels their work.

It is said the healthy life is a balanced life of work, love, and play. Playing with no purpose other than to have fun is essential for our rejuvenation.

Fun helps us to savor Life. We savor Life not just for the sake of savoring Life. We also savor Life because doing so inspires us to nurture Life. Savoring Life through fun and other practices enhances our reverence for life. Out of our reverence for Life, we then act to nurture Life. Fun thus enhances both our lives and the lives of others.

We life in an achievement-addicted world. Be mindful of this. Renounce a life solely dedicated to work and achievement. It is true that “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.” Live a balanced life full of loving, being loved and having fun. Schedule regular fun time into your days. You will likely find that doing so will enhance your productivity. But keep having fun just for having fun and for no other purpose. You exist in part to enjoy this gift of life. Our lives are fleeting. They will soon be over, we know not when. Savor each day as if it were both your first and last. Make fun a part of your daily practice of savoring Life.