Emily Slinguff

Positive Parenting

Website: https://www.emilyslingluff.com/

Emily Slinguff

Emily Slingluff writes and speaks about the huge importance of parenting.  As she says, how the parent treats the child from the beginning matters to the child forever. Answering the cry from the crib is important!  If the parent continues to kindly answer all questions from the baby, toddler, and teenager, the parent will likely have a child who feels worthy, loved, and happy with life.  And happy people usually want to be kind and helpful to others! She explains that a dictator parent, teaching the child with commands and punishment, will probably have an insecure child because the child was not allowed to help with decisions. Emily has been speaking and writing about parenting for many years. Her book, A Present to the Newborn, is a special teaching tool for all parents. In her book, Parenting Without Punishment, she writes just three chapters, explaining parenting in three points: Realize the importance, set a goal, and reach the goal.


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