Joseph Moore

How to Live a Fantastic Life


Joseph Moore

I am from Pittsburgh, PA and currently live in Johnstown, PA. I am the proud Dad of two kids. Madelyne is a Junior at Ohio University and Marissa is in their Freshman year at Ohio University. When they were much younger, like typical kids they would bring many picture books home from school. I am an avid reader (although a lazy writer) and I always encouraged them to read a lot and think for themselves. Although we discovered a few books that found a special place on our bookshelf, I have to admit that many of the books they brought home seemed like they had little value. me or to them. Until we read “The Giving Tree”. That story inspired me to start thinking about writing my own children’s story. Something just for me, Madelyne and Marissa. I like to write, I even wrote a novel in my twenties, but had never tried a story for children. I began with a few silly ideas that I could ‘plug’ their names in to keep their interest. One evening, after tucking them in for the night, I sat listening to music and the entire basic idea of this little raindrop just came to me. A little raindrop who wants to be something other than what he is.


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