Look closely that you might see.

Listen carefully that you might hear.

See and hear clearly that you might understand.

Understand deeply that compassion might arise.

Let compassion arise that forgiveness might also arise.

Forgive that you might free yourself from the chains of resentment.

Forgive that you might free yourself to love.

Love thoroughly that you might experience your full measure of abundance and joy.

Look closely that you might see.

See the truth that is in front of you.

See that you are a miracle

See that life is a miracle.

See the profound, eternal mystery of awareness.

See that this moment is, always was, and will always be


See that you and all of life are sacred.

Look that you might see the sacred in all things and all people.

See the sacred that reverence might arise.

Live in reverence, that you may be inspired to love.

Look closely at your intentions

See your intentions that they might be purified.

Seeing clearly, experience a purification of intent.

With intent purified, live intentionally, consciously, for the Higher Purpose of love.

Experience a falling away of destructive self-gratification and self-aggrandizement.

Live the intention of love that you might experience lasting fulfillment, peace, and joy.