Love Life

Love Life, even though it is sometimes dangerous. Even though it is often painful. Even though others can hurt us or let us down.

Love Life, even though someday, it will all end.

Life is a miracle. It is precious. It is sacred. All the more so, because it is fleeting. Because it is impermanent.

People live on a spectrum between hate and love. Many live in the middle in a state of indifference. 

Those who live in hatred may have a perverse delight in causing harm to others. This is a spiritual sickness. A rare few seem to be born this way. For most haters, hatred is cultivated by hurt, fear, intolerance, judgement, and an us vs. them mentality. It is caused by the illusion of separation. Some haters have been wounded and betrayed, leaving them imprisoned in bitterness and resentment. Haters often have at their core, buried beneath their consciousness, an unaware hatred of themselves that they project out onto the world. Their hatred isolates them from the world of love and segregates them to commune with fellow haters.

People who live in indifference lack reverence for others. They do not appreciate the web of life that sustains them. They do not experience their oneness with others. They are blind to love. They may be preoccupied with their own pain. Their focus may be on self-gratification. Then they view others only in terms of what others can or can’t do for them.

People who love do the best in life. Love is a much better way to live than hatred or indifference. Loving people have less stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness, and medical illness. They heal faster from injury. They live longer. They enjoy life much more. They experience greater peace and joy. They are more acceptant and forgiving. Loving people live lives of joy and abundance.

The core issue is reverence for life. It is seeing the Sacred in all things and all people. The practice of carefully attending is key, because when you look carefully you see the obvious before your eyes: that life is indeed a mystery and a miracle, that millions of people over thousands of years have all contributed in countless ways to creating the conditions that now sustain you. You also see that when you put love out, love comes back to you. You see that life goes better when you love, and that ultimately loving just feels more fulfilling than hating or compulsive self-preoccupation.

Make the practice of love a daily practice. This includes loving yourself as your own ideal parent. You must be good to do good. Creating a virtuous resonance of loving and being loved will also enhance your reverence for life. Doing good will help you feel good, and feeling good will further inspire you to do good. Enter the virtuous cycle of loving that you might heal and spiral upward into the heights of joy.

Love Life

  • Love life, despite danger, pain, disappointment.
  • Made more precious by impermanence.
  • Spectrum between hate and love.
  • Haters
  • Indifference.
  • Lovers do the best.
  • Core issue: reverence for life. Seeing the sacred. Seeing mystery. Seeing interdependence.
  • Seeing that love is a better way.
  • The virtuous cycle of loving.