Check Your Inbox Because Your Results Are In!

The results of the Love Skills Assessment tells you how much love you let into your life, but we can all work towards giving and receiving more love, regardless of how much love we experience right now.

That’s because heart-centered, genuine love doesn’t just happen. It is cultivated through practice.

Receiving your Love Skills Assessment score is the first step towards a more loving experience of life. Expand your capacity for loving thoughts, feelings, and experiences by continuing your journey with Daily Love Lessons and the Creating Great Relationships and Mastering the Art of Loving course.


Get a Little Love in Your Inbox Every Day

Loving yourself and others isn't an innate skill that we're born knowing how to do. No matter what your experience with love in the past, it’s never too late to let more love shine into your life.

You just need a gentle reminder to focus on love when life gets difficult.

Love Lessons are sent to your inbox each day. Every message is designed to help you heal past trauma and connect with others on a deeper level. You are encouraged to move beyond feelings of "being in love" to discover a more meaningful sense of what it means to love and be loved.

Transform Your Personal Relationships
Through the Healing Power of Love

Trauma, love wounds, and life experience can harden our hearts. Although these coping mechanisms can keep negative emotions at bay, they also shut out positive emotions. Its only through positive emotions, like love, that we’re able to experience more fulfilling relationships.

Dr. Michael McGee’s Creating Great Relationships and Mastering the Art of Loving course is an in-depth course that teaches you to open your heart to the abundance of life. With 52 video sessions and over 25 hours of training, you'll learn how to heal, grow, and overcome everyday challenges by harnessing the power of deep, genuine, heart-centered love. When you learn how to approach life with an open heart, you can transform your relationship with yourself and others.

Cultivate More Love in Your Life