Megan Nolan

Happiness Resides in Deep Self-Love


Megan Nolan

I am from a small suburb of Chicago, went to school at Southern Illinois University and studied how to make the world more sustainable with Bucky Fuller. I also first learned meditation in southern Illinois. This led me to a journey to India to live in an Ashram with my Guru for almost a year and deepen my personal journey towards the transcendent truth within. After this intensive time of Yogic meditation I returned to the United States and moved to Northern California to continue my spiritual journey. As a result of my inner work, I developed a strong desire to able to assist others with their journey in life and so enrolled in the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology to secure my PhD. This was a deep and rich experience for me and exposed me to leading teachers and their tools for assisting people. After graduating I then worked for many years both with individuals with Autism and Intellectual disabilities and people wanting meditation practices and spiritual and psychological growth. I have run Yoga Teacher Trainings, Yoga Therapy Trainings, Meditation and Yoga Retreats and Meditation groups for many years. Amid this work I have been fortunate to have a long term marriage and two wonderful grown sons as well as a wonderful spiritual community. I love to read magical novels, hike in nature, be with friends and grow in loving wisdom. The journey of spirit through the struggles of our personal lives to the deep inner connection with the transcendent has been my personal path and the path I assist others with


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